I’ve got no business going to Vegas today

31 Jan

I’m broke. And I don’t mean broke in an adult “I’m overextended and I should spend this money paying down credit cards” way. I mean broke in a “college kid wearing a bathing suit for underwear because he can’t afford to do laundry” kinda way. But I’m going anyway.

Back in September when friends started knocking around the idea of going to Vegas for the Super Bowl, it seemed like a great idea. I had a $400 travel voucher on Delta and another $225 in credit for a previous overpayment. So I got the plane tickets for a friend and I. In exchange, he’s paying $400 toward our room. I signed up for a Delta AmEx to pay for the remainder of the tickets, and they gave me a $150 statement credit and 30,000 miles (and a free checked bag and express checkin). I used the 30,000 miles to get another guy’s plane ticket and he’s kicking in the rest of my room and the $100 resort credit he got when he made the reservation.

So essentially, it’ll be cheaper for me to be in Vegas for the next five days than anywhere else. If I can manage to stay away from the many temptations around here designed to separate me from the money I don’t have. And that’s a big fucking “IF.” So I’m going to “live blog” my trip. Maybe this will keep me out of trouble.

On a totally unrelated note, the guys are going to Spearmint Rhino tonight.



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